We have been dedicating ourselves to our guests for over 70 years, making them become an integral part of our wonderful family.
We get in close contact with you because we like to share and exchange life opinions. Together we went into any type of topic: political, religious or family, but we can say that we never thought that the topic of our speeches could become a virus, a virus that has affected the whole world, bringing so much sadness to affected families who have faced the loss of a loved one in this dramatic period.

We never expected to be here to list the ways you should behave on vacation, but if this serves to defend you and our staff from this invisible enemy, we will be happy to take all the necessary security measures and as always to do our best for everyone's safety.

This year you will find a different service but even we will be forced to wear a mask I know for sure that you will notice our smile, because the true smile does not come from the mouth but from the eyes, our habits will not change, they will simply be accompanied by more security, in fact tables are far from each others for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for this reason we will ask you to book the time you want to eat, as there will be multiple services.
As for breakfast there will always be a sweet and savory buffet, you will tell the waiter what you want and he will deliver the dish to you, while for lunch and dinner the waiter will be served at the table, you will indicate the day before what you want.
The chef protected by a plexiglass will dial the dishes, which will be served by the waiter. After Lunch and Dinner you can come to the bar to order coffee. We will be happy to serve it directly to the table or wherever you prefer, there will be talk, always respecting the rules of distancing and wearing mask.

Near the elevator you will always find a sanitizing gel that you can use before and after taking the lift.

All rooms will be cleaned as always every day by our staff, we have enhanced cleaning with detergent and disinfectant products
disposable products will be used to clean each room.
If the guests prefers to sanitize by themselves, the necessary products will be supplied directly to you.

It's all very simple, there will be some nice signs that will remind you of some of these rules.

Finally don't worry, we won't be able to hug, kiss or shake hands, but I'm already training Ivy, she will do the honors.
When you arrive he will come to you smiling and wagging his tail then if you want he will fill you with kisses, you will have to lower yourself and she will do the rest !!!