The Great Family
Hotel Rondinella e Viola

We can't wait to meet you to enlarge the family of the Hotel Rondinella e Viola.


We were born hoteliers, the art of hospitality flows in our blood, we love the work we do, it is as if it were every day Sunday, because Sunday is the day of the family, a day of celebration, for us anyone who arrives at the Hotel Rondinella and Viola becomes part of this large family, we are fortunate to be able to do this job that cannot be defined as work but pure pleasure, through our smiles we have the opportunity to give you carefree moments full of happiness. For us, holidays are love, family and joy in being together.

If you have opened this page you are or you will soon be a member of the family, for us it is essential to thank each of you, both those who have just known us, those who have known us recently but above all both you and who have been following us for many years, you give us strength and the will to continue this wonderful job, what a job it is not !!! You recommend us, tell us what you like and what can be improved, you are a great starting point for us.

Many of you have seen me and my brother Matteo grow up, you often took us to the beach with you and we played with your children who kept us so much company while mom and dad were busy in the Hotel, you were an integral part of our childhood and I hope that in the future both my children and those of my brother will have the good fortune, perhaps, to play together with your grandchildren.

Thank you so much