The Great Family
Hotel Rondinella e Viola

Since 1948... The story of a great love called
Hotel Rondinella e Viola!

This is the story of a love born over 75 years ago, driven by the desire for change my grandparents Mario and Angelina decided to build their future brick by brick giving life to the Hotel Rondinella and Viola.
Tassello after Tassello, without knowing it, staged not only their future but also that of their daughter Paola, my mother who at the time was only 12 years old, that of their future grandchildren I (Marina) and Marco that of their great-grandchildren Matthew, Charlotte, Francis and Paul, and then add today also that of the great grandchildren Leonardo and Alberto.
A great love built with sacrifice, dedication and a lot of passion fundamental ingredients that all families know and appreciate.

Today the Hotel Rondinella and Viola boasts 5 major renovations we are a constantly moving family that believes very much in what it does, despite, weather events, pandemic, war, the loss of some members , It has never been discouraged by the situation of the rest could not be otherwise, given the year of birth of this adventure 1948 where everything in Italy was to be rebuilt, everything was to be rewritten.

We are a 3-star Hotel, perhaps the best 3-star in Rimini, the latest renovation dated 2020 has put together the familiar air that has long breathed an elegant and refined style, a place where you can escape from the everyday life to which our guests are accustomed.
At Hotel Rondinella and Viola everyone is welcome, even if in reality we can not hide our preference for our younger guests and for Ivy’s friends, When you arrive you will not help but notice the games scattered around Leo’s Hall and Ivy’s tail that super wagging will welcome you with a warm welcome.

So what are you waiting for ? We are waiting for you to live with us an unforgettable experience immersed in the warmth that only a big and a little crazy family like ours can give you, our mission is to hit you at the heart of the emotions!