Leo's Friends
Hotel Rondinella e Viola

A dream holiday for children

We have always been attentive to the needs of children, but since Leonardo and Alberto were born we have understood even more the needs and needs not only of children, but also of parents and grandparents who take their children on vacation with them.

Kitchenette available for preparing baby food

We give free use to all parents who need a kitchen where you can prepare with your products the meals that your children are used to consume.
This service, in addition to making you feel comfortable, will help your children not to totally upset their routine, in fact you can use the kitchen from 11.30 onwards.


Our pool for the little ones

The swimming pool of our Hotel is perfect for younger children as it is equipped with a comfortable stone staircase and a photovoltaic system that, thanks to the solar heat, heats the water. Being in a sunny position from the morning at 9:30 until 17:00 you will never have to worry about making your children feel cold. The height of the pool is another element in favor of the smallest in fact the lowest point is 90 cm and the highest is 140 cm.
From 2020 we decided, in addition to renovating the main pool, to also install a Jacuzzi ideal not only for the relaxation of adults, but also for the first approaches with the water of children of a few months. To use the service you can reserve during booking or during your stay this unforgettable moment for you and your family.

Small games for small guests

We decided to dedicate a small space in the garden where Leo’s friends can get distracted while grandparents and parents can enjoy a coffee after lunch in the outdoor living rooms. Our play area is always in the shade and safe, so if you are a grandfather, grandmother, mother or father, you know that we are willing to eat standing up to follow our children, but we can not give up a coffee break in peace. Thanks to this small angle, this is possible even if you are a single parent or grandfather.