Parking Spaces
Hotel Rondinella e Viola

Our structure is equipped with 3 different parking spaces for the need of each individual guest.

Here are the options available:

Solutions not bookable, but free


If you plan to use your car during your stay and don’t need an indoor parking, this could be the solution for you!
For our guests we give up to 7 passes to the Municipal Guarded Parking CHIABRERA that is only 500 meters from us. This is a parking space already paid and reserved by us that we provide our guests free of charge while seats last.


If instead you are tired of the daily routine and when you go on holiday you want to forget about the car and for your excursions prefer public transport or the Hotel’s bikes, the one that suits you is the second solution proposed!
The garden behind the hotel allows you to park your car on arrival and forget to drive until your departure, in fact we have 10 seats that we give up to exhaustion free of charge.
The only rule is to leave your car key at reception.

The paid solution, but bookable

If you prefer to make sure you have a place indoors and you like to keep your car cool, our underground garage is the place for you.
It is only 20 meters from the Hotel, you can enter and leave as many times as you want and reserve it at the time of booking for only € 15.00 per night.