Rimini and surroundings

Between Conca and Marecchia Valleys

You can travel inland from the coast to the hills and if you like nature mixed with history and tradition, the surrounding area of Rimini will surprise you greatly with its splendid views, legends and ancient culture.

The town of Rimini is located between the mouths of rivers Conca and Marecchia, which form two valleys where, over the centuries, two powerful ruling families opposed each other: the Malatesta, lords of Rimini and the Montefeltro, lords of a confining Marches county.

The two valleys still bear witness to this glorious past and a tour of hill-perched medieval villages, remains of castles and fortresses, museums will amaze you as much as the enchanting landscapes.

Starting from Conca Valley, you can visit:

The Castle of Montegridolfo, Montescudo and Montecolombo, Saludecio, Mondaino, San Clemente, Coriano, Montefiore; then going towards the Marche region, San Giovanni in Marignano and the fascinating town of Gradara.

Travelling towards Marecchia Valley, you will come across the villages of

Santarcangelo, Torriana, Verucchio, San Leo.
Proceeding towards Marche Region, you can admire Novafeltria, Talamello, Perticara, Pennabilli, Urbino the art city and further south Conero county and Ancona, to cite but a few of the delightful places that surround Rimini.

All these places hold many events all year round that are famous all over Italy.
Here you are sure to get a real taste of local rural life, in peace and awe, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.